Tomorrow Menu Guy's - Monday the 15th July.

All Day Breakfast -

Bacon & Egg Rolls
Ham & Cheese Toasties
Salami & Cheese Toasties

Something Hot and Filling -

Hot Roast Beef Rolls with Caramalized Onions, Gravy & Cheese
Hot Roast Chicken Sub with Gravy & Cheese
Hot Italian Meatballs in red sauce and cheese
Chicken Schnitzel fociccia with Cheese, Tomato & Spinach
Hot Cream of Pumpkin Soup served with a dinner roll (v)

Sandwiches -

Egg & Lettuce
Ham & pickles
Ham, Cheese & Tomato
Roast Beef & Seeded Mustard
Chicken & Avacado.

Something Sweet -

Mixed Berry & White Chocolate
Chocolate & Rasberry
Banana Bread.