We've come up with some competitive packages and an affordable barista menu...

Option 1 - Coffee By The Hour

This is a pre-arranged and pre-paid cost when the organiser wants to cover the cost of coffee for the guests of the event.

What’s the cost?

Our pricing includes provision of a fully trained barista and all coffee hardware (inc. Van, Coffee Trailer or Marquee).

  • 1-2 Hours: $ 350.00 + GST (up to 40 hot drinks)*
  • 2-3 Hours: $ 425.00 + GST (up to 80 hot drinks)
  • 3-4 Hours: $ 600.00 + GST (up to 120 hot drinks)
  • 4-5 Hours: $ 700.00 + GST (up to 180 hot drinks)
  • 5-6 Hours: $ 900.00 + GST (up to 250 hot drinks)
  • 6-7 Hours: $1100.00 + GST (up to 320 hot drinks)
  • 7-8 Hours: $1400.00 + GST (up to 450 hot drinks)
  • 8+ Hours: $ POA

* Van set up only - if indoor set up required, addition charges are applicable.

ALL CBD event locations will incur a $60.00 + GST delivery charge

Outside CBD events (up to 1hr travel time for us) will incur an $90.00 + GST delivery charge

More than 1hr travel time to the event, delivery charge TBA.

Option 2 - Customer Pays

Please see our Menu Page for details.

The organiser will be subject to a $50 + GST/hr booking fee (unless agreed otherwise) to cover our basic costs. Minimum call-out is 3 hours.

An alternative option to paying an hourly booking fee for the customer pays option, is to underwrite a minimum spend. You send us written confirmation that you will make up any difference if we do not sell a minimum of 120 hot drinks. For example, if we sell 80 cups, we will invoice you for 40 cups post event @ $4 per cup = $160.

Option 3 - Food Packages

We offer both savoury & sweet food package options. Please see our menu page for details.

Cancellation Policy

In the case of inclement weather or unforeseen events that mean you have to cancel your booking, we reserve the right to retain/charge the following to make up for loss of earnings:

  1. Cancellation of the booking 8 days - 2 weeks prior to the event: 10% of booking / package fee
  2. Cancellation of the booking 4 days - 1 week prior to the event: 25% of booking / package fee
  3. Cancellation of the booking 3 days prior to the event: 50% of booking / package fee
  4. Cancellation of the booking 1-2 days prior to the event: 80% of booking / package fee